Grub (3D Game Character)

Grub is still work in progress, but has many features, he contains +- 13K triangles, is fully textured, rigged and skinned (including a facial rig, with facial animations), and contains many animations, which will be shown here, as well as having clothes, armour and weapons, and also animations to use them.


The model was created in 3DS Max 2012, and special detail was paid to the face, so the face could be rigged as well, for Unity with Mecanim, blend shapes was not an option as this point.

Here is a quick brief on the modelling process.


The face was then rigged and skinned as well, and some basic deformation tests done, note these do not use any morphing, or blend shapes, and are pure facial bone rigs, several bones were created for the jaw, teeth, eyes, brows, cheeks, etc..


This character will require not be naked, and will be required to perform unarmed and weapon-ized combat, including magic (*WIP) so various items had to be created and modelled, UV mapped, textured, rigged and skinned to the same skeleton.

The 3DS Max Cloth modifier was used to create the shirt and pants, the belt, straw hat and shoes were modelled using normal box/edge modelling techniques.

During this process, Grub’s facial animations were imported into Unity, and tested along with a basic body animation, and blended using the Animator, and a body mask, so the head and body could be doing separate animations at the same time, the animations were created in motionbuilder, and serve no other purpose but for testing.

Test Facial Animations:


Some basic movement animations were also created to ensure that Grub’s shirt and hat, could be attached and animated using Mecanim in Unity.

Test Shirt/hat

Next came the armour, a dark fibre glass like look, was what I was after, and so full body armour was created, and once again, skinned and rigged to Grub, I also modelled a fibre glass Shield, as wellas a wooden staff or two, foregoing the sword for now, wooden staff would probably be used like a sword in the end though.

The shield and staff were originally skinned against weapon bones, that were linked against the hands, but this was much later altered, as it was not originally exported to Unity, rather than merging and recreating all the animations in Motionbuilder, the option was taken to retarget the shield and staff to the hand bones, which ended up being almost no extra work at all.


Very basic animations were created in Motionbuilder, and imported into Unity using Mecanim, to test and ensure all models when equipped would work, and how they would look.

The model was constantly being tested against the Unity engine, to ensure no problems when we start animating.

The final step in the workflow was to create animations for Grub, this is usually a very tedious job, I chose the option to try Mocap in stead, I chose to try/use Brekel Pro Body, from with a single Kinect for XBOX360 as the tracking hardware.


Grub contains many animations, that will be demonstrated in the next post, which will actually focus more on the Inventory system, created for our future games, that will allow characters to equip/unequip/drop/pick up and store *(in containers as well, like chests) various items found throughout the world.

Here are some demonstrations of the Animation tests done, this was before the inventory system, so he would not have anything equipped here in Unity, but some animations when created in Motionbuilder, did contain the props, to ensure the animations would work.


The animations were created in motionbuilder, then baked onto the skeleton from the control rig, then imported into Unity as a single FBX for normal animations, and another FBX with the combat animations, this would then allow animations to be easily re-targeted to other characters as we are using Unity’s Mecanim animation system, from Max’s Biped skeleton.

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