Terrain texture

These textures were created to represent terrain, and when used in combination also removes the most notable tiling effects.

First the height map is created using a greyscale image, lighter areas will indicate higher, and darker indicates lower, when rendered with a height map shader, this will produce 3D terrain geometry.

Terrain height map, greyscale.
Terrain height map, greyscale.


The next step is to create multiple textures, that will be rendered over each other, and will use the height map, to determine how the textures should be mixed together, this technique can be done with a multi texture shader, which will use the height map, to blend multiple textures.

The textures were created from combining several digital photos, and terrain like colors and using tools like cloning and smoothing, to iron out seams and very visible markings, that would not tile well, were removed.



Blending the textures using the height map as the blend weight, will allow for less visible tiling across a large scene, and also allow for pathways , peaks etc.. to become more visible.

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