Gumbo (3D Game Character)

Another render with normal map applied.
Another render with normal map applied.

Gumbo is a character created for fun, over a course of 2 weeks, contains +- 3.200 tris, at the low poly level, and +- 11, 000 tris at the high poly level with mesh smooth, UV Mapped with 3DS Max,  Textured and normal map baked with Mudbox, Rigged and skinned in 3DS Max, with twist bones at the upper and lower arms, this caused some problems when imported into motion builder, thus no animations were created for this character.

Concept Art:


The character modeling progress, simple box, and edge/patch modeling techniques were used, using symmetry.


Then the separate objects were attached, and seamed, using mostly bridge, and ensuring there would be enough verts for joint deformation.


Next, UV Mapping using 3DS Max, pelt mapping technique was used. Projection brush was mainly used for sculpting in mudbox, high res mesh was created, with approx 1.4 milion tris, and then the normal map was baked onto the low poly mesh.

DIffuse map was painted onto mesh, using a tilable texture created by myself, to represent the human like skin, lips and the body detail was also painted on from mudbox, and the diffuse, and normal maps extracted, and imported into 3DS Max.


Rigging and skinning was done next, this took about 3 days to complete.


A few render tests in Max, with the normal map applied.


A few joint tests were done, and the model was also tested in Unity, no import errors, the normal map was extracted using object space tangents, this would prove to be another problem in Unity.

To solve this problem the normals had to be baked using tangent space, and then extracted from MudBox using Maya/Softimage as the extract type, this would produce no visible normal map seams, and import into Unity just fine, and render correctly with both forward, and deferred lighting.

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