Tank Textures

These seamless textures were created specifically for the tank project, and was created using photoshop.

The textures all follow the same process, they were created from a base texture, which in this case was created using a base color for the particular texture, and then applying a pattern on it, after a pattern was applied and the scale was determined, the textures were then made seamless by splitting each texture in quadrants, and joining the quadrants and using various tools smoothed out to not show seams.

The specular map was produced by removing all color from the generic texture, and highlighting certain areas which should be more shiny, and darkening areas that are less shiny.

Each texture was then modified to remove most color, and to highlight certain areas, and apply a surface blur, and any other patterns which should indicate bumps , or stand out on the surface, from there a normal map is created using tools from Nvidia

The normal map should be rendered as a bump map, and would require that geometry has it’s tangent vectors calculated and rendered using a bump map shader. This will give a “bumpy” look to a flat surface, using the tangent vectors and the surface normal to mimic light bouncing off the “bumps”.



Tank Body texture


Tank texture (hardened/armored metal)


The lattice texture represents a hardened metal as well.



The tank red and rubber is a mixture of camouflaged and hardened metal, for the turrets and other tank pieces.

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