Mechanic Character Model

This character was done as part of my studies at using ZBrush, Maya and Substance



The character was based off of a concept by Sam Nielsen.


Model Turnarounds:

Sketchfab Interactive models:



First steps was trying to match the broad shapes in ZBrush using Z Spheres, then refining the shapes to get closer to the concept.




Then further refining, and trying to match the overall concept using sculpting.




Then the head was modelled separately.




Since this model was created for rigging/animation, the mesh would need to be re-topologized, I used Maya for this process.


The process is iterative, and the best topology I could come up with, was pretty low at under 2K polys.

Also modelled some stand in shoes, and used tools like QuadDraw for retopology, this is required since it will allow better deformation.


After retopology in Maya, the mesh is reimported into ZBrush, and detail is projected back from the original high res mesh, to this new imported mesh.




The next step is to UV Map the mesh, using Maya to prepare for texturing.




More detail sculpted back onto the mesh, added some more resolution, then texturing the mesh in ZBrush, using poly paint.






Modelling the accessories, and the clothes.





Adding more detail to the clothes, and breaking symmetry for better results.




Playing with different texture styles, including exporting to Substance painter.

Sculpted new hair matching the concept better, and added the podium in preparation for final renders.

Also posed the character using ZBrush for a better turnaround.




Some renders using Zbrush and Substance.