Underwater Scene



This scene was done as part of my environmental modelling studies at www.animschool.com .




With some textures applied.


The initial process involved blocking out geometry with bigger shapes, and adding detail along the way.


The nest step was adding more detail, starting with the floor, and the ruin wall.

After UV mapping the assets, they were exported with high and low resolution as FBX files, which were then imported into Substance painter, and then curvature, normal and other maps were baked out, and textures applied.

After texturing they were imported into Unreal Engine 4, into a new map where particles (for underwater ‘dust’  and bubbles ) and light functions ( for water caustics ) were added, along with exponential height fog to create the underwater effect.

Also created a cinematic, and exported that to a short movie.

I also included some Speedtree kelp and underwater plants from  FishGibble ™ for extra effect.