Full Body Character Rig

This rig was done as part of my studies at www.animschool.com .

Includes a full body rig with extensive use of the Node editor, Python scripting to create an FK/IK rig, with space switching and ribbons for the arms, legs and spine extra bendy bits.



A very high level breakdown of the progression.


Initial skeleton placement, taking note of the orientation of the bind joints.



Then the initial first pass skinning is done.




Further skinning and more refinement is then done.



Then corrective shapes are created, using the Pose editor.




Next the IK rig is added to the hands and feet.




Then the FK and further controls are added using various techniques, including the Node editor, and Python scripting.



Ribbons are then created to add extra bendy-ness to the middle of the arms and legs, extra joints are then added and skinned up to accommodate this.





Finally more controls added for the spine, neck and further corrective shape refinement.





A video showing some of the controls may be found here.