Full Character Model

This character was modelled as part of my studies at www.adnimschool.com, using Maya and textured using Substance Painter.

Unfortunately I can not find the artist to contribute to this design, but when I do, I will update their details here.



Some progression images here.


Initial rough pass at the body.


Paying close attention to the edge flow, and trying to match for better rigging and deformation.

The character image visible as the background is Malcolm from Animschool, we use him for various edge flow and geometry guides.



The hands and feet were  done next.

The feet were modelled as paddles, because they would be always covered by shoes.




Next the face is started.

The face would be shaped continuously until a better likeness has formed.



Although the face is not there yet, the attire is started next. As the face can be worked on some more during this time.




Then the hair is started, I played around with a few different hair styles first.



Finally everything is coming together.




And finally a temporary pose is made using some basic rigging and skinning with no controls.



Sketchfab interactive model here:


A progression Video here: