Cyto (3D Game Character)

Cyto is a fictional character created as part of the studies at Game Institute.

The character design process starts with the background story, then concept art, model and character sheets, as well as action poses.


Background Story by Alwyn Dippenaar


Some research images of heavy armored characters, these were used as an indication of what these types of characters can look like, and for inspiration to the design process.



Simple humanoid concept sketches from basic shapes.

This will serve as a base, and to ensure the proportions are correct.



Cyto is now drawn more to the human form.



The armor is drawn over the concept sketches, and Cyto will begin to take shape.




Now the helmet is added to the armor, on all views.

At this point, the model sheet is complete.




An action pose is also sketched.

This will be used in the character sheet.




Here are some color studies done for Cyto.

I personally prefer the darker gray colors.



And the color action pose.

Action Pose_3




Finally the character was created from the model sheet and color pose.

Cyto's character sheet.
Cyto’s character sheet.



Then the character was further refined, and redesigned, the shoulder areas would be a challenge when rigging and skinning.

So this idea was brought on, it almost resembles Krogan like armor.



Some further color studies was done using this character.


Then the character action pose was created from concept sketches.



Then finally, the model sheet and character sheet was created.

ModelSheet 2
Model sheet 2
Character sheet 2
Character sheet 2



This character also would be very challenging to rig and skin, specially at the shoulders and hips, and almost no movement allowed in the neck.

So the character was redesigned. And these were more refined concept art from this process.



And these were the color studies done.


And the action pose was also created for this character.



And finally, the model and character sheet.

The model sheet
The model sheet
The character sheet
The character sheet



Cyto’s Modeling Process.

Here are the images from the modeling process for Cyto, using 3DS MAX.

Only one side would typically be modeled, attached and welded, then textured, the symmetry would be applied.

Polygon budget for this model, in-game is between 4500 and 5000 triangles. Artistic and cinematic model could be more.

First reference planes were created from the model sheet view, and transparency added to make it more visible and less cluttered when working.


Then the armor then boots were modeled.


Followed by the upper and lower arm bracers.



Next the leg and pelvis was modeled.



Followed by the elbow, and knee caps, as well as the Hand.


Lastly, the head was modeled.


A view of the current meshes / models, in their correct positions and scales, but this is not a single, solid mesh yet. Lots of work still needs to be done and refined.


The final part of the modeling process, would be to attached and weld all the parts together, and constantly use the STL Check modifier, to ensure that the model is whole, has no illegal geometry, or holes. This process usually takes quite some time.

Wherever the exposed parts of Cyto would be joined to the armor, it needed to be clear from the model, so those parts would typically “go in” to the armor, or the armor would “overlap” over the exposed parts, to indicate that those parts should be more movable.



After further refinement Cyto is now ready to be UV Mapped for the texturing process.


The UV Mapping process has been completed.

The Rigging and Skinning Process completed.


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