Heroes Foe

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A 3D game, running on UnrealEngine4 where you have to unblock areas and eliminate enemies to continue, and consists of a pretty huge world, including 5 indoor scenes to complete.



The areas need to be cleared in sequence, as you progress, you become more powerful, and the levels become more difficult.

Mobile Demo:

Some Enemies are stronger, bigger and quicker than you, and the game will provide a challenge to even the most experienced players.


The game allows you to choose between a Wizzard (Magic Staff) and a Warrior (Sword and Shield) as your main character.


Currently Available at:

Google Play (only the free version)

Desura (available from October 2014, Windows 64 bit and Mac)




PC Screen Shots:

This game is a fantasy 3rd person Hack n Slash, with platformer elements.


Please keep checking this site and/or Facebook / Twitter for any updates regarding targeted platform releases.


Mobile Screen Shots (Taken using a PC, but with same settings as being published to Android / iOS):


The game also features a tutorial level, with very easy enemies.


Current supported platforms:

Windows 64, MAC, iOS (7) (iPhone 5) , Android 4.4 (Officially, but lower version may work)



  • Custom Level of Detail with complete culling system for models, including skeletal meshes, giving good performance on mobile for this huge terrain.
  • Auto aim will always maintain it’s last set horizontal position behind the player, giving great flexibility for fighting using virtual joysticks.
  • Uses Unreal Engine 4.


More Demos:





Tutor Short Demo:







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