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FishGibble ™ Is a game about a fish, in a rather large oceanic fish tank, where you need to outsmart and out swim other not so friendly fish, to survive and complete your quest, to collect the keys required to unlock the doors, to the next level, but hurry, time is always running out!

This game has been released!!

The Windows/Mac game is available on Desura! (available from 16 August 2014)
Desura Digital Distribution

The mobile version for Android is available on the Google Play store for Free! ( big download though.. that’s life )




Keep checking this site, or follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook for release updates!

Twitter: @AlwynDippenaar1

Facebook: alwyn.dippenaar1


Quick Demo


Tutorial Info Cards (For Windows with Mouse/Keyboard or Gamepad(tested with XBOX360 Controller for Windows))

Some HUD and Menu screen shots.

YouTube current in-game playlists and demos:

FishGibble Playlist:

Game Demo

AI Testing:

Game Testing:


Official Release Date:  May 3rd 2014 for PC/Mac (follow me on twitter for official store and release updates)

iOS and release date TBA.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4. ( )


Some screen shots in game, and some during development, before the game was finalized / released.

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