Forrest Scene, Created with UDK.

After the Unity Drescalus project *( that project is now in hiatus, due to too many technical limitations, but there are new projects coming, that will be released commercially using UDK through IfThenElseGames ) , I created this Forrest scene using UDK.

It features a vast traversable landscape, created using the new UDK landscape tool, which supports landscape material splats, with normal maps, making the terrain look really good, and there are no seaming/tiling issues.

Video here:

The scene also features volumetric height fog, rising mist and SpeedTree trees and plants.

The grass was created using the standard assets with UDK, and the rocks and unique rock faces and pool, was created using 3DS Max , textures were edited using Photoshop and imported from digital photographs from cgTextures and Game Institute.

In total there are 20 unique trees, and 5 plants, that are scattered around a small area of the landscape, the trees, were placed manually in the scene, one by one. The rocks and grass were painted on using the UDK foilage tool. And some unique meshes were created like the rock pool, which also include a fluid actor.

Rock face and pool assets were modified in the UDK to have 2 levels of LOD, and the ‘Screen Door Fade’ material is used to fade between LOD’s, getting rid of the popping effect, also, tree bark, all rocks and unique meshes were mapped using Bump Offset with a displacement and normal map, to give them a lot more height/detail.


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