Asteroid Rail Shooter in UDK

The asteroid rail shooter game is based on John P Doran’s book by Packt Publishing: Mastering UDK Game Development .

This is a complete game, including a fully working ScaleForm UI / HUD, to play again after dying, the game also speeds slowly up over time, even after replaying, it includes physics based asteroids that are hurled at the player, and has enemy ships that will try to shoot you down, you have rockets and plasma fire, and barrels should be used as rocket pickups, by flying into them, asteroids that hit you, cause damage based on their size/scale.

Video here. *( and a few more on my youtube channel )

This version of the game, uses UnrealScript to subclass asteroids and enemy ships, and the asteroids are spawned as RigidBodies, with a near zero gravity volume, to help control them hurling towards the player, all input is handled by Unreal’s input system, and the standard strafe and forward commands have been overridden to move the ship around, while constraining it to a portion of the screen, so as not to easily evade asteroids, or move off screen.

Flash was used to create the ScaleForm HUD to show the player health, player health slowly regenerates over time, plasma ammo regenerates a bit quicker, rocket ammo only depletes, and barrels have to be used to refill.

The game also features a ScaleForm CLIK widget to restart the game, when you loose all health / die.

All ScaleForm UI’s use ActionScript 3.

All assets were custom created in 3DS Max and Photoshop, textures courtesy of cgTextures and Game Institute .

Particle effects and textures were created/modified and used from Epic Games, which come bundled in the UDK.

There is a cooked *( binary  ) version available of the Game, but the reason for this was more to learn UDK, rather than make/distribute a polished game.



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