UDK Mini projects

Several projects have been under way to learn and use UDK for all future game development. This will simply detail some of those mini projects/games to some extent.

The above is an example of a working *( albeit extremely unpolished ) top down game,  all assets in that game is part of the UDK, although the game itself will never be for commercial use, unless custom SkeletalMesh assets are created, but the point of the game was to learn UnrealScript and Kismet, and to learn how to create games other than FPS type games in UDK.

The process itself was explained and documented extremely well by Rachel Cordone’s book, by Packt Publishing called “Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript” .



Movie clip of this platformer here.

The next project was creating an unfinished platformer sidescroller game, with pick ups for upgrades *( like double jump ) and jumping on moving platforms, also can not be used commercially unless custom SkeletalMesh actor(s) are imported and used, this was also done with UnrealScript and Kismet *( although the book did everything purely through Kismet, I found that to be a little too much  Kismet for a few functions ), also demonstrates how to create a game other than FPS in UDK. This project was done using the book from John P Doran, also by Packt Publishing called ‘Mastering UDK Game Development‘ .


In all cases, custom Game and PlayerController classes were created, several custom actors , Kismet sequences and events were also created using UnrealScript, but for these projects, only Epic Games assets were used that come bundled with the UDK, which is not a problem at all, except for the meshses marked as Skeletal Meshes in the content browser, so these projects were simply done to learn the general Game Development in UDK workflow, material editor, Kismet and UnrealScript, I used Unreal Script Editor , Context and UnCodeX, but found the Unreal Script Editor with bundled visual studio 2010 express is more than enough , and has Intellisense and auto complete, which Context does not.

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