Drescalus World Building

Drescalus world building towns, Castle is nearing completion, will still need polish here and there. In total there are 34 scenes, where each shop, house, Drescalus outside and Castle areas are scenes of their own, making this world quite large. Post processing effects and trimmings have been added to the towns to round them off a little more, including steps to houses where needed, the Castle itself will still require a little work on the outside to make it more accessible, but all in all the world is almost complete, and development on GamePlay and Game Content, including Character and AI, Monsters etc.. will begin shortly.

Game Development Started: Nov 2013 (3 Months to complete Phase I, World Building)

Current Stats: World Build Completion Level: 100%

Towns: 2

Houses: 20

Shops: 6 (5 in one town, and one in the Castle)

Castle: Basement, Ground, Second, Third floors completed, along with the East and West wing, all as separate scenes.

Here are in game videos and screenshots of the towns, where a few of the houses, a shop and the castle is shown inside, and out.

A Video showing a town, a shop and a few Houses.

The castle and towns will receive more assets, props and life, as the Game progresses.

Although this game sadly, will not progress past it’s creation. Drescalus has stopped, favouring creating games in Unreal Engine 4.

Maybe one day if I am part of a bigger team, this can come back to life in Unreal.


Some in game screen shots, of the towns, the Ruin Catacombs, houses one of the  shops, and a few floors and rooms from the Castle. Some outside screen shots were taken during the day, and some during the night (in-game Day/Night cycle)



Another video, showing the other town, a few houses, and some of the Castle inside.


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