Drescalus Towns


Current World Progress: 100%

There are 2 towns in Drescalus, each town has 10 houses, there is one town square, with 5 shops, and one castle which contains 2 wings, and many different rooms and areas of interest.

All houses/shops/internal geometry, can be entered via doors, and at the moment, the shops are empty as game content is still being created.

Here is a video showing 2 houses and a shop, being investigated in game.

Here are the models built for the houses, using 3DS Max.


Next are some pictures taken while the town is being built in Unity, basically each house becomes a scene on it’s own, so as the door is activated for any house/shop/castle, a particular scene is loaded, and the player instructed by the activator , where in the new scene to be positioned, and facing, because houses can have more than one door, so the player can be positioned in different locations in the next scene, this was done by creating custom scripts.


Here are some pictures of the houses as taken from the editor, while building the towns.


And there are some pictures, showing the town, from in game.


And some pictures taken from the first town, showing some of the houses, and few shops, while in-game, and some taken while in the editor, constructing and building the levels.

Note the shops are empty because that game content is still being created. And the game characters are still being finalized  as well.



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