Drescalus – Ruin Catacombs

This is Drescalus.

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A new fantasy RPG game in progress.

It features 2×2 Kilometers of open world, and a surrounding ocean, of which the waterway can be traversed all the way around the mainland.

The storyline, characters and gameplay, will be revealed as the game progresses.



Modeling/UV Mapping/Skinning/Rigging: 3DS Max 2012

Texturing: Mudbox 2012

Animation: Motionbuilder 2012

Game Engine: www.unity3d.com ( Unity 4.2 )

Textures: www.gameinstitute.com, www.cgtextures.com

Digital Image Cleanup/Preparation/Tiling/Layering : www.photoshop.com ( Adobe Photoshop CS6 )

Sound Effects: www.freeSFX.co.uk


All models for this game, have been created for LOD, including their polycount, and textures. Currently there are well over 1M polygons in the outside world, and in the catacombs, VSYNC is on, and FPS is currently stable at 60 FPS. The world features moving and hanging wall curtains, blowing in the wind, different lamps/candles/torches, dust particles blowing in the air, realtime lighting and shadows, swinging chandeliers, and lanterns that sway with interactive physics.

The world features custom tagging and scripting to ensure only objects that are within range *( including lights and 3D sounds ), are active.

This is a world walkthrough Youtube video, ( warning: 65MB )

Currently the world is being built.


The world already features the ability to go through doors, this door, leads to the outside world, after visiting the catacombs.



Picture Galary


Next: Drescalus small town, *( there will be a small town, and a main city/town, among other places of interest )


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