Multiple Base Female Characters, with Character Morph

These characters were modelled, fully UV Mapped, plainly textured (solid skin color only, for now), rigged for and skinned for biped skeletal animation, and contains a few base animations to test all major joints. These will serve as a base, to create other characters from, using a custom Face and Body Morph MAXScript.

Characters contain Low (about 2K), and High (about 11K) poly models, which will be used for LOD,  all are fully UV Mapped, rigged and skinned.

This is a normal female type base character, that will be used to create other female type characters, using the custom face and body morph script.




Female Base HiPoly Morph Tests


Female Base LoPoly Morph Tests


The female type creature model, will serve as a base for creating other characters using the Character Morph script I created in 3DS Max.


Female Creature Morph



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