Face and Body Morph (Create multiple characters from base)

A Base low-poly mesh was created, UV Mapped, rigged and skinned for skeletal animation, then select face and body parts/properties are morphed for minimum and maximum extents, eg. Eye width from each other, Eye height, nose bridge width, ears, cheeks jaw etc…

The idea is to create multiple characters with unique traits from a single base mesh, and I also wrote a custom MaxScript script, to provide a GUI to control these features, note I am not using wire parameters, they are too cumbersome, writing MaxScript was much more efficient  as I have over 30 morph targets to control.

The GUI also allows for a ‘Face Randomiser’ which will randomize attributes, and shown in the pictures and uploaded youtube video(s).

Once this process is done, Hi-Poly meshes may be created using mesh smooth, and touched up for skinning artefacts, and then extracted/exported as new character meshes.

The idea is not to carry all this morph information along with each character, but rather create one, and extract/export and use/touch up from there.

Most of the work would have already been done, and this would prove useful for creating different characters, from a specific type or race for eg. like human, alien, orc etc..




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