Drescalus World Building

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Drescalus world building towns, Castle is nearing completion, will still need polish here and there. In total there are 34 scenes, where each shop, house, Drescalus outside and Castle areas are scenes of their own, making this world quite large.




Game Development Started: Nov 2013 (3 Months to complete Phase I, World Building)
Current Stats: World Build Completion Level: 85%

Here are in game videos and screenshots of the towns, where a few of the houses, a shop and the castle is shown inside, and out.

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Drescalus Towns

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There are 2 towns in Drescalus, each town has 10 houses, there is one town square, with 5 shops, and one castle which contains 2 wings, and many different rooms and areas of interest.
All houses/shops/internal geometry, can be entered via doors, and at the moment, the shops are empty as game content is still being created.

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