Creating Clothing including Customization Morphs

This process will detail the workflow to create clothing, using Max Garment maker, and Cloth modifier, and will include automatic skinning, and extracting morph targets to match character body part customizations, like body muscle size etc.. using Max’s SkinWrap, and custom Max scripts.

More detail here.

The meshes will also be imported into Unity, and re-targeted to 4 unique characters, that were customized using morph targets, and rendered using their LOD meshes.


Custom Unity Morphing including Skeletal Animation with Mecanim and LOD

The character feature customization scripts enable multiple characters to be created from a base character, using morph targets exported from Max. This system now includes enabling facial animation and LOD.


More Details here…

The system already allows for different accessories like hair, facial hair and their morph targets for facial and customization animation, but now includes calculating tangents to enable bump mapped shaders, as well as heavily optimized vertex and tangent caches.


Full Character Customization With Morphing in Unity (Body Features and Hair)

Providing a character customization UI, enables me to create and customizer any game character, using morph targets, and custom scripts in Unity.

The morph targets were created in Max, and were auto generated from scripts for the accessories (hair, beard etc. *clothing and armor too coming soon) using the morph trargets of the base character, which were created manually, to alter the facial and body features of the character.

A lot More details here.