Castello Project

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Extra Vegetation Test
Extra Vegetation Test

This project was done as a demonstration of the type of environment and level building technologies we will be using for upcoming Games.

The level itself consists of multiple assets, that were created using the Modular Level Design methodology, and to prove and test the methodology, specifically for workflow and timeline estimates and processes.

Small, re-usable assets were created, and used to build the Castle and floors from the ground up.

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Blurb (3D Game Character)

Blurb was created as another fun project, the model consists of about 5,000 polys, and 11,000 tris.

The model is fully textured, rigged and skinned, and animations were created in MotionBuilder, and then finally imported into a Unity3D scene, and all animations were hooked up using Unity’s Mecanim animation system, a Skyrim like 3rd person camera was then created and attached to control the character. It is important to note that Blurb’s animation’s were created with this camera in mind, so Mecanim will blend between Blurb moving in certain directions, by rotating his upper body, and his face will always be facing the direction of the camera, when Blurb is not moving, the camera will orbit Blurb, and also detect and avoid any geometry intersections, as shown in the accompanying YouTube upload of the demo for this character.

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