FishGibble BreakDown Part3 – UI And Compass


The User Interface was built using Unreal Motion Graphics which allows for overlaying and animating textures.



UMG supports animating properties of widget transformations ( translation, orientation and scale ) and brush/texture properties like colour and opacity and others.


More Details Here


FishGibble has many UI systems, including:

  • Player HUD
    Compass and Waypoints
    Journal UI
    Level Up UI
    Skill Tree UI
    Main Menu
    Graphics Settings
    Pause Menu
    Conversation UI, including viewing previous conversations.
    Active and Completed Quests UI


Video Here:



Full Character Model

This character was done as part of my studies at, I do not know the artist who designed him, but when I do, I will update their details here.

The model was done in Maya and Substance Painter for textures.



More details here, including progression breakdown.



Interactive SketchFab Model here:


Progression Video here:

World Composition in Unreal Engine4


Workflow Video


This will provide some detail the high level workflow I used to create a huge open world, with 8x8KM densely populated with vegetation, trees, grass and mountains using Unreal Engine 4 World Composition, along with several other tools which I will go through briefly.

To create the terrain I used World Machine and followed the World Machine to UE4 World Composition tutorial as described.

For the foliage and grass, I used the Grass Tool Quick Start and Procedural Foliage Quick Start tutorials from the Unreal Engine 4 Documentation.


The Full Game, as well as the Project and Code.

NOTE: Unreal Engine 4.9 version only.


More Details Here

MiniMan – Maya/UnrealEngine


This character was created to learn Maya (Modelling, UVMapping, Rigging and Skinning, Blend Shapes, Animation), Substance Painter+Designer, and establish/learn the workflow between UnrealEngine, and all of the aforementioned tools.

It takes a long time to learn something, but it takes a longer time to learn a lot of somethings. Learning Maya is like learning a new Programming Language, you always find new stuff the longer you use it, and in this case, it was a very different experience than using 3DS Max….


CoolDriverUE4 – World Building


Here follows some details of my current project, I am in the process of building a test level, to create various blueprints that will be used in the main game. It will contain a huge open environment, and I want to use this as a test bed, to develop and prove various technologies first, before embarking on the full game, hopefully will drum up some support too, most of the textures come from my garden, some from cgtextures, all models *(  except the car ) were modeled, UVMapped and textured by me. The terrain was created using a wacom tablet and Unreal Engine 4’s landscape tool.


More Details And Pictures


FishGibble ™


FishGibble ™ Is a new game about a fish in a sea tank, where you have to outsmart and out swim some not so friendly fish, game is still in development and will be released for PC/Mac iOS and Android.

The Game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and C++.

More Details Here:


Offical YouTube Playlist:

YouTube in-game demos:

AI Testing

Game Testing.




Drescalus World Building

7_Drescalus_WorldBuilding_(132) 7_Drescalus_WorldBuilding_(111)

Drescalus world building towns, Castle is nearing completion, will still need polish here and there. In total there are 34 scenes, where each shop, house, Drescalus outside and Castle areas are scenes of their own, making this world quite large.




Game Development Started: Nov 2013 (3 Months to complete Phase I, World Building)
Current Stats: World Build Completion Level: 85%

Here are in game videos and screenshots of the towns, where a few of the houses, a shop and the castle is shown inside, and out.

More Detail…


Drescalus Towns

6_Drescalus_Town2_5 4_Drescalus_Town_16

There are 2 towns in Drescalus, each town has 10 houses, there is one town square, with 5 shops, and one castle which contains 2 wings, and many different rooms and areas of interest.
All houses/shops/internal geometry, can be entered via doors, and at the moment, the shops are empty as game content is still being created.

More Details:

OpenWorld testing with LOD

The final chapter in the morphing and LOD technology testing, for an open world on current hardware.

The goal of the last few months have been to build new or use existing technology to allow for a huge open world type of game, that will typically run on high end current hardware.

This post will detail creating the rocks and trees, and the tools created/used in the process for creating the final scene for morphing and LOD tests, in a huge open world, every bit of scenery/geometry visible, *(except for the clouds), are traversable terrain, where any character can walk to.

More Detail


Creating Clothing including Customization Morphs

This process will detail the workflow to create clothing, using Max Garment maker, and Cloth modifier, and will include automatic skinning, and extracting morph targets to match character body part customizations, like body muscle size etc.. using Max’s SkinWrap, and custom Max scripts.

More detail here.

The meshes will also be imported into Unity, and re-targeted to 4 unique characters, that were customized using morph targets, and rendered using their LOD meshes.


Custom Unity Morphing including Skeletal Animation with Mecanim and LOD

The character feature customization scripts enable multiple characters to be created from a base character, using morph targets exported from Max. This system now includes enabling facial animation and LOD.


More Details here…

The system already allows for different accessories like hair, facial hair and their morph targets for facial and customization animation, but now includes calculating tangents to enable bump mapped shaders, as well as heavily optimized vertex and tangent caches.


Full Character Customization With Morphing in Unity (Body Features and Hair)

Providing a character customization UI, enables me to create and customizer any game character, using morph targets, and custom scripts in Unity.

The morph targets were created in Max, and were auto generated from scripts for the accessories (hair, beard etc. *clothing and armor too coming soon) using the morph trargets of the base character, which were created manually, to alter the facial and body features of the character.

A lot More details here.


Multiple Base Female Characters, with Character Morph

These characters were modelled, fully UV Mapped, plainly textured (solid skin color only, for now), rigged for and skinned for biped skeletal animation, and contains a few base animations to test all major joints. These will serve as a base, to create other characters from, using a custom Face and Body Morph MAXScript.

Thinner alien like female
Thinner alien like female
Forehead morph test
Forehead morph test

More Details..



Face and Body Morph (Create multiple characters from base)

A Base low-poly mesh was created, UV Mapped, rigged and skinned for skeletal animation, then select face and body parts/properties are morphed for minimum and maximum extents, eg. Eye width from each other, Eye height, nose bridge width, ears, cheeks jaw etc…


No need to reskin, but touch ups may be required
No need to reskin, but touch ups may be required

More Details..



Hundreds of AI Characters

This demo shows the AI Character system, where the scene contains more than 100 active AI characters, but only those within range are being rendered and animated, while those who fall out of range, will still animate, and engage in combat, but not be rendered, and those that completely fall out of the large range, will not be active at all, the frame rates speak for themselves, mostly hovering above 100.


More Details…



Grub (3D Game Character)


Belt skinned and rigged.
Belt skinned and rigged.


Grub is still work in progress, but has many features, he contains +- 13K triangles, is fully textured, rigged and skinned (including a facial rig, with facial animations), and contains many animations, which will be shown here, as well as having clothes, armour and weapons, and also animations to use them.

More details here..


Castello Project

7_Castle_Furniture_9 8_Castle_Weather_2 4_Castle_Unity_Water_4 6_Castle_Unity_Sun_11

Extra Vegetation Test
Extra Vegetation Test

This project was done as a demonstration of the type of environment and level building technologies we will be using for upcoming Games.

The level itself consists of multiple assets, that were created using the Modular Level Design methodology, and to prove and test the methodology, specifically for workflow and timeline estimates and processes.

Small, re-usable assets were created, and used to build the Castle and floors from the ground up.

More Details…


Blurb (3D Game Character)

Blurb was created as another fun project, the model consists of about 5,000 polys, and 11,000 tris.

The model is fully textured, rigged and skinned, and animations were created in MotionBuilder, and then finally imported into a Unity3D scene, and all animations were hooked up using Unity’s Mecanim animation system, a Skyrim like 3rd person camera was then created and attached to control the character. It is important to note that Blurb’s animation’s were created with this camera in mind, so Mecanim will blend between Blurb moving in certain directions, by rotating his upper body, and his face will always be facing the direction of the camera, when Blurb is not moving, the camera will orbit Blurb, and also detect and avoid any geometry intersections, as shown in the accompanying YouTube upload of the demo for this character.

More details here